coaching walks.png

A coaching walk is a coaching session that’s outside and on the move.* In this day and age, many of us are slaves to our desks, leading increasingly sedentary lives. There is no secret to the benefits of walking outdoors: 

  • exercise and exposure to natural light (decreasing stress, depression, self-esteem, mood);

  • an increase in Vitamin D (particularly in winter months);

  • a connection with nature;

  • a sense of something ‘bigger’ than ourselves and of belonging;

  • improved sleep; 

  • a change of scenery.

There are wondrous things happening outside all the time, and it's hard to underestimate the impact it can have on your outlook and inspiration levels. There's no reason this shouldn’t extend to coaching either. Coaching walks can:

  • stimulate your best thinking by combining it with movement;

  • change perceptions through a different setting and new perspectives;

  • generate creativity, originality and inspiration;

  • aid concentration.

For some people, coaching walks are less intrusive, intense and formal than a face-to-face coaching encounter; to walk side by side demonstrates the equality of the coaching relationship. 

So why not allow your thinking to go a little off piste? Who knows where it might take you…

*I know I should put a big disclaimer here about the British weather…but I won’t: I’m game if you are. If it’s particularly torrential, we become too waterlogged or just aren’t feeling up to it that day, we’ll make a new plan, simple as that.