Fertility Coaching

Fertility coaching is a solution-focused approach to examining and dealing with the emotions and anxieties that can arise as a result of trying to create a family. It is about enabling yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to make the best choices you can at the time. 

When it is not 'straightforward', trying to create a family can be stressful: it often affects many areas of life, from your sense of self to relationships with your partner to wider family and/or friends. It can also have an impact on employment, finances and your health, to name but a few.

We will explore ways to restore balance in your life and reduce stress: this will help ensure that you are in the best position emotionally, physically and mentally.  

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The Fertile Body Method

I am a qualified Fertile Body therapist: the fertile body method is a mind-body approach to restoring well-being and gaining both a greater understanding of, and more control over, your fertility.

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Knowledge is power. When we are faced with choices and the unknown, we can often feel overwhelmed. There are lots of conflicting beliefs, advice, misunderstandings and misconceptions in relation to fertility: I'm here to help sift through the minefield! If this is an area where you are struggling, you can learn to navigate the mass of information that is available, in order to make the important choices.