The concept of wellbeing is subjective, however it’s generally taken to mean that someone is healthy, happy and realising their own potential. This includes goal setting but also the ability to cope with the stresses of every day life by developing resilience and navigating transitional periods - we are stronger than we think.

What is a transitional period? This is any time of change (e.g. in employment, health, relationship status). Whether it’s by choice or not, transitional periods are a natural part of life but this doesn’t mean they are always easy to deal with - we all experience times where we benefit from additional support.

Wellbeing coaching looks at ways in which you can harness your resources, both internal and external. It could involve anything from steering your life back into balance, to helping you get a specific idea off the ground. Sometimes, a little brainstorming and a change of perspective can open up a host of options you hadn’t considered - it’s my job to help draw these out and support you to stay accountable to them.

We can never entirely eliminate stress, however management of stress is an achievable goal: we will explore what your triggers and sources of stress are and look at ways to reduce and deal with them. Why not combine with a coaching walk?